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The Harten Center

For Underprivileged Sounds

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...because good taste is a terrible thing to waste

The part of mr. Harten is played by Clark Crawford.

I began my work in the game industry 23 years ago, cutting my teeth at Origin Systems. After that, I worked for Human Code, Digital Anvil, Acclaim, and Midway as an in-house audio resource. Additionally, I have served as both a freelance consultant and contractor for a wide variety of companies and projects. In 2009, I accepted an invitation to join Robert Rodriguez’s post-production sound team, crossing over into the world of feature films.


I currently hold the titles of Audio Mercenary at The Harten Center for Underprivileged Sounds and Sound Designer/Sound Effects Editor at Troublemaker Studios.


During my time in the industry, I have served in virtually every role of audio production including VO/Foley recordist, sound designer, composer, implementer, and project manager. I am organized and production-minded with a keen ability to collaborate with other disciplines, and be creative within the confines of both a budget and a schedule.


Noteworthy titles/contributions include:

In Space with Markiplier, The Ragin' 13, Storybook Brawl, We Can Be Heroes, A Heist with Markiplier, Seis Manos, Alita: Battle Angel, Chronos, Skyshine's BEDLAM, DC Universe Online, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Machete & Machete Kills, Kinect Star Wars, Darksiders (I-III), Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, The Daily, Predators, Spyborgs, Blacksite: Area 51, Area 51, NBA Jam, Freelancer, American McGee’s Alice, and Ultima Ascension.


Prior to starting my career, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music with an emphasis in Sound Recording Technology from Southwest Texas State University (now known as Texas State University).


And... in my free time, I enjoy writing, playing, and recording music, spending time with my smokin' hot wife and our 18-year old triplets, running a home-based brewery, and trying to keep up with all the amazing music/movies/games that are constantly coming out.

But enough about what I think...

“I've had the pleasure to mix Clark's sound effects for a few years now at Troublemaker Studios. His work on Predators, Machete, and Spy Kids 4 has been amazing. He easily grasps direction and takes it to places that expand the concepts and excite the audience. In addition to his fantastic taste as an editor, Clark is one of the easiest people to work with that I've ever met. He is responsive, professional, and easy to work with for long hours at a time. When you meet and work with him, don't let his laid-back nice guy persona fool you; Clark is a HEAVY hitter. When we need something fantastic, and need it fast, Clark's the guy.”
     - Brad Engelking, Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer, Troublemaker Studios


“Clark has been a phenomenal partner for ngmoco. He is extremely well organized and efficient and always delivers excellent work on time. Clark goes above and beyond to accommodate our last minute requests and always plays the game after his content goes live to make sure the audio is perfect. He has a real passion for what he does and it shows in everything he delivers. I feel very lucky to have Clark as a resource and hope to continue to take advantage of his talent for the foreseeable future.”
     - Sarah Fuchs, Producer, ngmoco:)


“After 17 years in the game development industry, I can honestly say I have never worked with a more talented and professional Audio Director than Clark Crawford.  His creative instincts, dedication, and professionalism are without peer, and every collaboration with him is a pleasure.  Always my first choice, Clark represents the best solution for our company’s audio needs:  professional quality that is delivered on time and on budget.
     - Jim Stiefelmaier, Executive Producer, Panic Button Games

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Clark.  Not only did he quickly fulfill our requests, he provided us with music that wasn't the usual keyboard-tie wearing, clueless, soulless, plastic, sample CD using, games musician hackery that the games industry is (unfortunately) full of.   He took the basic concepts further, pushed them and added to them with great energy, enthusiasm and knowledge.  I hope to get the chance to work with him again in the future.”
     - Lloyd Murphy, Creative/Art Director, Bionic Games


“Clark has the unique gift of being able to manage both the technical and creative aspects of a job while keeping them perfectly balanced.  He is wonderfully detailed and descriptive in everything he does and constantly amazes me with both his insight and open-mindedness.  Every job with him is a joy to work on - thoroughly documented, well thought out and executed to near perfection.  What more can I ask for in an Audio Director?”
     - Jason Graves, Composer, Jason Graves Music


“Clark is not only one of the best Audio Directors I've worked with in this industry, he's one of the best developers I've ever worked with. He is a highly ethical, "get it done, no excuses, regardless of the circumstances" type of guy. He is an extremely hard worker, and a very smart worker. Clark frequently presented fresh processes and solutions for efficient development in all areas. If I am lucky, I'll have the opportunity to work with him again.”
     - Brett Close, Studio Production Director, Midway Studios Austin

4314 Angelico Lane

Round Rock, TX 78681


...because good taste is a terrible thing to waste

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